Our Features


Rate photos of people. See who is rated more from Hall of Fame.


Follow the popular users and hashtags from the trending now page.


Comment and like other users' photos, videos. Interact with other users.


With the hashtags and keywords, find the other users.


Share posts & hashtags on social media.


Subscribe to other users so you will be noticed when your friends share new photos & videos.

Why Pictigar

  • Follow people that you don't able to follow at your actual instagram profile.
  • Get notifications from them when they share a new content.
  • Join our contests, rate photos and get rated for great prizes.

Trends - Popular People and Hashtags

Pictigar dynamically shows the popular people and hashtags on Instagram. When a new photo, video or hashtag on Instagram becomes popular, you can see instantly on the Trending Now page of Pictigar. Follow Pictigar daily if you don't want to miss what's popular on Instagram.

Hall of Fame - Most Rated People on Pictigar

In Pictigar there is a section named Hall of Fame. From that section most rated photos/videos can be seen. You can rate other people's photos/videos. It is a great opportunity for people who wants to be phenomenon. Open your account, share your photos/videos with your friends, make them rate you and become a social media phenomenon!